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Rückkehr nach Reims / Retour à Reims / Ritorno a Reims

Manchester International Frestival  – Schaubühne Berlin  – 2017/21 – Theater Treffen 2018 –  Film & Video  Installation (1 Kanal + 1 Kamera) Regie : Thomas Ostermeier + Bühne & Kostüme Nina Wetzel + Film : Sébastien Dupouey  & Thomas Ostermeier + Kamera: Markus Lenz, Sébastien Dupouey  + Ton: Peter Carstens  + Musik: Nils Ostendorf  + Sounddesign: Jochen Jezussek + Dramaturgie: Florian Borchmeyer, Maja Zade  + Licht: Erich Schneider

Mit :  Isabel Redfern/Nina Hoss, Amewu Nowe/ Ali Gameda/Renato Schuch – ChristianTschirner/Busch Murkarzerl/Hans Jurgen Wagner  (Schaubühne Berlin 2017/2021)
Avec : Irene Jacob / Cedric Eekhot /  Blade Mc Alimbaye (Vidy Lausanne) Con Sonia Bergamasco, Rosario Lisma, Tommy Kuti ( Piccolo Teatro Milano)

★★★★ “Mesmerising… A searing political treatise… The book is brilliantly updated and made relevant to a British audience.” – Independent

★★★★★ “It’s rare to find a piece of theatre as acutely topical, deeply intelligent, and emotionally charged as Returning to Reims.” – What’s On Stage

★★★★★ “An intelligent piece of theatre that manages to explore complex themes whilst still having the self-awareness to keep the audience on board.” – Manchester Evening News

★★★★ “Intelligent and pertinent.” – The Stage

★★★★ “An engaging piece about serious political issues.” – Manchester Confidential

★★★★ “A highly watchable, lucid, and intriguing play.” – Upstaged Manchester

“[A] wittily deadpan production.” – The Telegraph 

“Probing and intelligent.” – The Times

“Intellectually stimulating, visually rich and beautifully presented.” – Quiet Man Dave

“An incredibly welcome bit of intelligent thought on the subject of right-wing populism.” – Nachtkritik

“A shamelessly political piece of theatre that argues its case thoroughly.” – British Theatre Guide